Does this sound a little familiar?


You want to lose weight, burn fat and build lean muscle to generally feel fit and healthy but you’ve had a gym membership and gone to a boot camp for years now and still don’t feel you have made a change.


If so, the Unique 6 week body transformation is the package for you.


You will:

  • Follow a personalised diet plan for 6 weeks

  • Be allocated a trainer to support you along your journey

  • Attend 3 sessions a week designed to burn fat and build lean muscle

  • Receive the Unique Fitness Guide

  • Check-ins fortnightly to ensure you are on track to reach your goal


Not only will we help you get to the body you dream about, you will also learn how to stay healthy and keep the body that you have worked so hard to achieve.


So how do we do this?


Our experienced team of trainers at Unique Health Clubs have independently ran many successful transformation programs in the past and now that they have joined forces at Unique and have developed the ultimate 6 week group transformation.


Group transformations are successful for a number of reasons:


Group cohesion – Working as a part of a group helping each other to stay on track and motivate you on the tough days.


Building habits and routines - Training on set days and set times allows us to create habits and routines which makes us less likely to relapse into bad habits after transformation


Training on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's at 6:00am or 7:00pm - this is a time where we have no distractions before or after work, to get it done


Group support – entered into a Facebook group allows you to gain support by others in the group share ideas meal plans


Learning curve - over the 6 weeks you will become efficient in fitness and health knowledge allowing you to understand why we eat what we eat and why we are doing a specific session


So if you want to make a change, go ahead and click the sign up button below.