Sales Director / Co-Founder

All Arms Physical Training Instructor (British Army)

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma

Transformation Coach

Health, Lifestyle & Mind Set Coach



I began my journey to become the respected personal trainer that I am today while serving in the British Army. I had the role of training Soldiers, officers and new recruits to a level of fitness allowing them to deploy overseas.

After many years in this role I decided to step into the outside world and pass on my skills and knowledge to help others achieve their health and fitness dreams. Since leaving the Army I have worked as a Personal Trainer achieving amazing results with my clients.

What I believe sets me aside from others in the fitness industry is my ability to motivate others. I strongly believe in success from a positive mental attitude and coaching clients not only to change their bodies but also their mind set towards fitness, health and well-being.


Deploying on various tours in Afghanistan and completing my All Arms Physical Training Instructor Course at the Army School of Physical Training and graduating as a Physical Training Instructor.


Changing lives of my clients and seeing them become autonomous and self sufficient in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Founding The Academy of Fitness Training, which delivers Fitness and Health Qualifications to those wanting to qualify as a Fitness Professional.

Favourite Hobbies 

Training, reading and listening to audio books as well as the occasional holiday to unwind and catch up on my tan.

Favourite Food 
Pizza or 5 guys a bit too much